Build, Brand, and Market Your Business


Build a Strong Online Presence

Over 80% of consumers turn to the internet to find information about the products/services and/or business prior to making purchasing decisions.  Can you afford not to have an online presence?  Atlanta Marketing Source can help you build a strong online presence through:

A Powerful Website

We’ll design and build an effective website that speaks to your audience and helps you rank in Google searches.

Social Media

We can set up social media platforms and programs and show you how to grow your business through social media, search engine optimization, and client reviews.

Interacting with Your Audience

We’ll create programs for engaging with your audience, generating leads, and capturing important client information and trends.  You need more than just a pretty website and clever social media posts.  You must engage and interact with your clients and prospects and show them that you care.

Develop Your Brand

Branding is a critical, and often overlooked, step for small businesses.  You must identify what you stand for as a business and what your product/service represents to your customers and target audience.  Atlanta Marketing Source can help you identify your strengths and develop your brand with:

Brand Development

We work closely with you to develop the right brand and image to represent your business.  It’s critically important to communicate the right message about your company and your product to your ideal audience.  We help you promote the image that truly represents your business and the value you provide.

Product Organization and Understanding

We can help you organize and present your products so your audience clearly understands what you offer, how your products/services fit together, and how they will benefit your clients.

Content Creation

We love creating content.  We can help write content for your website, emails, promotions, speeches, reports, etc.  You name it.  We love to write content.  And we’re good at it.  We create content that represents your brand with integrity and clarity.

Webinars and Outreach Programs

You should continually be reaching out to your clients and prospects with Webinars, newsletters, email communications, and phone campaigns.  We can help you create and manage these programs including managing your Webinars, developing/editing PowerPoints, and writing phone scripts and email communications.

Grow Your Business

Atlanta Marketing Source can help you grow  your business through:

Social media
Search Engine Optimization
Webinars and Events
Email Campaigns
Public Relations
Marketing Programs